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We don't use dumpsters on your property. Dump trucks or trailers are used for the removal of roofing debris. Tarps are placed for landscape protection.


We will then run a magnet around the property to ensure all nails are removed. We're the experienced and trusted roofing team you need.

Our skilled team will remove your existing materials from the roof down to the wood deck. This allows us to inspect the deck for any signs of deterioration and replace if necessary.


We'll then install felt paper as well as ice and water shield to all valleys and chimneys. You'll choose the color, style, and manufacturer of the shingles.

Turn to us for high-quality roof replacement

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Full clean-up services are always provided

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Various ventilation options are available. It’s an essential component to the roofing. In some cases, shingle manufacturer's warranties require ventilation. Without it, premature deterioration of shingles (curling), warping and delaminating of the wood deck and ice dams can occur. Our skilled team will offer solutions for you.

Roof ventilation is essential


"Thank you for everything. The job was done quickly, and we were very happy with it. We will highly recommend Rapid Roofing whenever possible."

- Susan W.